New Interior Design

Small, cool prefabs: a floating home/office and a retreat, aero 11 design

A couple of years ago I ran across the Airship Series of prefabs from Aero 11 Design on MocoLoco, and while the “Home” design is cool, my head was turned by the other two designs offered by the firm: the “Office” and the “Retreat”. I seem to recall seeing the floating home/office on the last page of Dwell magazine a few years back….? Whatever. These are awesome.

Floating home/office: 10′x32′x8′h Wood frame, corrugated aluminum siding and roof. Plywood decks and steel veneered awnings. Interior bathroom w/ built-in shower, compost toilet, bedroom w/ closet, living/kitchen space.

Retreat: 8′x14′x7′h Off-grid, steel frame, sheet-steel siding and 8′ wide glass-panel doors. Awning and deck fold up for seasonal use or security. Interior w/ kitchenette, shower, toilet, folding bed and desk.

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