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Decorating Themes for a Child's Room

Nature’s Galore
Most of the kids love outdoors as well as animals. So, what better idea than to create a nature’s galore in the room of your child? Get the walls painted in green or light brown and draw bugs, frogs, reptiles and the like to create the perfect outdoor scene for your child. If it is good enough, you might be able to prevent him from going outside the house too much.

Kids love cartoons and cartoon characters. Why don’t you bring all of his favorite characters inside his room only? You can choose any color you want as far as the walls are concerned. The attention needs to be diverted on how you adorn the walls. Draw all the favorite cartoon characters of your kid on the walls. Get a Mickey Mouse pillow, Goofy bedspread, Scooby-Doo chair and the like, and transform his room into Disneyland.

If you kid is an adventure lover, converting his room into a safari destination is just the thing to do. Instead of getting the walls painted, buy colorful animal wallpaper and stick it on them. Use leopard print fabrics for the pillows as well as valances. Adorn the corners and backs of the bed with stuffed tigers, elephants, horses and so on. You can also use butterfly net, binoculars or straw hat on the walls, for an added effect.

Rustic Room
Going back to the rustic roots, which all of us once had, is a very good idea in relation to children’s room. For the purpose, make use of comfy plaid patterns, flannel fabrics and log or pine beds. Materials such as pine cones, leaves and sticks will work best as adornments. Adding an aquarium to the room will only complete the effect.

Movie Theme
Almost every kid has a favorite animated film he loves to watch all the time, be it Aladdin, Lion King, Toy Story or Scooby Doo. The easiest way to achieve this is by buying bedroom items like linen, furniture, curtains, valances, etc, decorated with the theme of the movie. You can also get wallpaper with the characters of the movie or paint the characters on the walls yourself.
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