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This style focused on harmony and symmetry using pale colour schemes and delicate furniture to produce a room that was airy and light.

Floors were often bare with oriental style rugs although grander houses may have had stone or marble flooring. Walls were panelled but often only reaching dado height with the top being papered or painted. Wallpaper were made using simple repeat patterns although towards the later half of this period they were also block printed often in stripes or simple shapes. Furniture was delicate and sofas with a hoop back were typical. Fireplaces were the focal point of the room and should be elegant with basket grates. Pictures were hung in formal groups to flank the fireplace and other ornaments would have included porcelain, fans and lacquer work.

Victorian Era (1837-1901)

The Victorians used theirs homes as a reflection of their status. It was an age of imitation and reproduction with many styles influencing interior design from Gothic to Rococo. For the dolls house enthusiast this means lots of ornaments, overstuffed chairs and sofas, and patterned wallpapers and carpets.

Fireplaces would have been ornate and made mostly of cast iron with mantles stuffed to bursting with ornaments and often fabric draped across. Stairs would have been covered with a central runner, stained either side. Room moulding would have been plentiful with ceiling roses a must! Fabrics for curtains etc would have been highly patterned and very rich.

If your passion is for miniatures rather than dolls houses then the Victorian period provides you with the perfect excuse to cram your house from the floor to the rafters!

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